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Services for Visitors

Karachi Hotel & CityInfo

Karachi has lots to offer: Galleries, museums, parks, sea side, lavish shopping malls welcome visitors year-round. In order to thoroughly enjoy your visit, you should plan your trip in advance. This includes the timely reservation of hotel accommodation – especially during trade fair days.  Click here for Hotels Info


Arrival in Karachi

The Karachi Expo Centre is located in the heart of city. This is your connection to the hotel or the airport. You can arrive at Karachi Expo Centre by car or public transit.  


Companies & Products

Our trade fairs are reflections of their respective industries. Our visitor information desk is available in all halls and at entrance Foyer area. It will provide orientation for your trade fair visit. Outside of trade fair hours, the trade fair portals offer detailed information on innovations, new products and the exhibiting companies.


Online at the Trade Fair

And once you are at the trade fair, our hotspots will make sure that your laptop has online access in all halls and at all entrances. Surf the Ecommerce Gateway exhibitions pages free of charge for getting information of all our events.

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